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Weed Pass Scrapped With Immediate Effect!

Dutch Justice minister Ivo Opstelten announced that the controversial ‘weed pass’ is to be scrapped with immediate effect. In a letter to parliament he also said it would be up to municipalities to determine and enforce the regulations governing coffeeshops in their area. The so-called weed pass was introduced in the south of the Netherlands […]


Cannabis Liberation Day 2013

CANNABIS BEVRIJDINGSDAG: June 16th – 2013 Presentatie: DC Lama Muziek: Lucky Fonz III, Mozes and the Firstborn, The Cosmic Carnival, Dirty Soul Rockers (UK) Dreadless, Back-a-Wall Soundsystem, DJ Skunkstar (AU)


Weed Pass Is History, But What About Tourists? It’s Mayor Vs. Minister

The Dutch government axed its proposed ‘weed pass’, meaning that coffeeshops will not become members clubs, and that there will be no government database containing the names of those who frequent them. Reason to celebrate, although there is a catch for those smokers from further afield that look to Amsterdam as the cannabis cornucopia. Mayor […]


Coffeeshops Fight For Your Right To Party

Dutch coffeeshop owners went to court last week in a last-ditch bid to block a government plan to stop foreigners from buying marijuana in the Netherlands. Lawyers representing the coffeeshops oppose what would be the most significant change in decades to the country’s famed soft drug tolerance: turning marijuana cafes into ‘members-only’ clubs open solely […]


Politics As Usual (But Thank Goodness We’re Stoned)

17 September 2012: A week after the Dutch national election, two opposing parties are rejoicing victory, although with the mutual bitter pill of being bound to work together. The conservative-liberal VVD (the party that introduced the infamous ‘weed pass’ in the south Netherlands), have won alongside the social-democratic PvdA, a party in favor of cannabis […]


North and South? Holland Divided Over Cannabis

It looks like the Southern three provinces of The Netherlands will have to ban tourists from the coffeeshops from May 1st, and force Dutch customers to register themselves by applying for a so-called ‘Weed Pass’. If all coffeeshops in Limburg, Zeeland and Brabant will actually comply with the new policy remains to be seen. Several […]


The Latest Chapter In The Dutch Cannabis Saga: A New Hope

After current Prime Minister of the Netherlands Marke Rutte handed in his governments resignation to Queen Beatrix this April, the general election has been moved forward to 12 September this year. It is Rutte’s administration that introduced the widely criticised ‘weed pass’ in the southern three provinces in the Netherlands. With less than a month […]


Cannabis Liberation Day 2012

CANNABIS BEVRIJDINGSDAG: June 17th – 2012 Presentatie: DC Lama Muziek: Def P & Beatbusters, One World Band + special guests, Latin Quarter (UK), DJ Isis, Spirals, Antistresspoweet, King Shiloh Soundsystem, Doede De Jong.


Civil Disobedience Marks First Day New Coffeeshop Policy In South Of Netherlands

Starting today, May 1st, Coffeeshops in the Southern three provinces of The Netherlands are supposed to ban foreign customers and register their Dutch costumers by ‘allowing’ them to apply for a co-called ‘weed pass’. By 11:00 am this morning, Coffeeshop Easy Going in Maastricht (located in the country’s most Southern province, Limburg) began serving non-Dutch […]


Mayor Of Rotterdam Speaks Out Against New Pot Policy

The mayor of Rotterdam has spoken out against the planned ‘wietpas’ policy, stating that the new system will lead to a rise in illegal drug dealing and make the streets less safe. Ahmed Aboutaleb says the wietpas is flawed and will create more problems than it solves. With this statement mayor Aboutaleb joins in skepticism […]