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Cannabidiol (CBD), what is it?

Cannabidiol CBD is one of the active compounds found in Cannabis. CBD has a wide scope of potential medical applications and is used as a remedy for a growing amount of ailments including MS, arthritis, antibiotic-resistant infections, epilepsy, diabetes, alcoholism, chronic pain, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, and other neurological disorders. CBD has many health benefits, but unlike its better […]


After 40 Years! Dutch Parliament Votes To Regulate Cannabis Cultivation

  More than four decades after the decriminalization of cannabis use in the Netherlands,  the Dutch parliament finally voted to also decriminalize the cultivation of cannabis. This vote opens the way for regulation of the coffeeshop supply chain. Regulating the slupply of weed to the coffeeshops would end an ongoing contradiction, as a coffeeshop is allowed to sell […]


Parliamentary Vote On Regulation Supply Chain

Four decades after the decriminalization of marijuana in the Netherlands, the Dutch parliament today finally voted on policy to regulate the weed supply chain. The back door supply chain has been a point of debate between coffeeshops and the government for 40 years. Although coffeeshops are licensed to sell small amounts of cannabis under strict guidelines, […]


Proposal To Change Dutch Pot Policy

A fresh proposal from the Dutch social-liberal party, D66, wants to customize the policy on cannabis. With these proposed changes, the cultivation and supply of cannabis will be regulated together with coffeeshop retail, and become part of a closed supply chain. Growers would require a tolerance decision from the Minister of Health. The production of cannabis would remain illegal, but […]


Best coffeeshop in the country?

Amsterdam may be the weed capital of the world, but The Hague has the country’s best coffee shop. That’s the conclusion of the Young Democrats, who held their own National Coffeeshop Test. Dutch newspaper, AD reports that the Young Democrats, the youth organization of the country’s social-liberal party, tried coffeeshops everywhere in the country and […]


News March: Coffeeshops re-open

Great news! after the spree of coffeeshop closures in Amsterdam, the following coffeeshops will be allowed to reopen: De Kroon on Rietwijkerstraat (Closed January 2016) DNA on Achillesstraat, (Closed September 2016) The Green Place on Kloveniersburgwal (Closed September 2016) Blue Lagoon on Overtoom (Closed October 2016) Vondel on Overtoom (Closed October 2016) Greenhouse Kitchen on […]


Cannabis Liberation Day 2016

CANNABIS BEVRIJDINGSDAG: June 12th – 2016 Sprekers: Rick Simpson, Noll Van Shaik, Has Cornelissen. Muziek: Will and the People (UK) Armand Tribute, Van Piekeren, Dramali, Iris Penning, United Sounds, Rupelsoldaten (B), DJ Skunkstar, Covenant Soundsystem The eighth edition of the “protestival” Cannabis Liberation Day again drew hundreds of 420 enthusiasts to Flevopark in Amsterdam. The […]


Cannabis Liberation Day 2015

CANNABIS BEVRIJDINGSDAG: June 14th – 2015 Sprekers: Marc and Jodie Emery, Doede De Jong, Annie Machon (LEAP) Muziek: Natty (UK) Einstein Barbie, Knight Susan, Rupelsoldaten (B), Isabelle Ame, Covenant Soundsystem, DJ Skunkstar, DJ Dr Thompson (UK)


Cannabis Liberation Day 2014

What’s on? Apart from a full program with national and international artists, speakers and Dj’s, there’s a large Hemp Market with cannabis and hemp related companies and organizations, fresh food and drinks and a free Cannabis Film Festival in Europe’s largest Ger tent. For the second time we are hosting the award ceremonies of the […]


Dutch Mayors Call For Saner Marijuana Policy

February 2014 – “It takes courage to refrain from doing what, to some people, seems logical on the drawing board.” This was the astounding reply of Ivo Opstelten, the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, to the Dutch mayors who stand for the regulation of the cannabis supply chain. The 35 mayors recently joined forces […]