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Summer in Amsterdam: Coffeeshops Now Open Until 10 pm

As the Dutch government is relaxing more measures, Amsterdam is opening up for the summer and, moreover, coffeeshops will be ...
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Amsterdam is slowly opening

Amsterdam is slowly opening up again

After a nationwide lockdown, Amsterdam is slowly opening up again. The government intends to open up society over a period ...
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Celebrating 50 years 4:20

Celebrating 420’s 50th anniversary

Happy 4:20! Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cannabis-culture phenomenon called 420. Four-twenty stands for April 20 (4/20) ...
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We're Just Waiting For The Lockdown To End

Waiting For The Lockdown To End And Normal Life To Resume

To be clear, there is no ban on tourists. In Amsterdam, anyone over 18 can legally buy weed and hash ...
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Amsterdam Still In Lockdown, Coffeeshops Open For Takeaway

Update January 20: Today, the Dutch government announced that it is imposing a national curfew in the Netherlands. The prime ...
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Mayor Amsterdam Proposes Ban Tourists

Mayor Proposes To Ban Tourists From Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam proposes to ban foreign tourists from the coffeeshops. According to her, these visitors cause too ...
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New Corona Measures: Coffeeshops Open Till 8 pm For Takeaway

Most measures against covid-19 were relaxed during the summer but now the Netherlands introduced a new range of restrictions to ...
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Coffeeshops Amsterdam Fully Open Again!

Good news! Coffeeshops in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands will fully open again from July 1st. Coffeeshops were ...
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Holland Is Looking For Talented Weed Growers

The Dutch government is looking for growers to participate in a nationwide weed experiment. Farmers who want to take part ...
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