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Archive for category: Coffeeshop History


Birth Of The Coffeeshops

[…] I’ve always been fascinated by the origins of the cannabis tolerance movement in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. How did this happen? How did this little country develop the most intelligent approach to marijuana smoking in the entire world? At the same time that Holland launched its tolerance campaign, we passed local legislation in Ann […]


Coffeeshops in the Netherlands

New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam was even more festive than usual this season as thousands of European visitors flocked to the city to enjoy what they believed would be the last night they’d be welcome in the coffee shops of the Netherlands. For several months, the reigning Dutch government had been trumpeting the imminent demise of […]


John Sinclair talks Amsterdam Coffeeshops

FREE THE WEED 57 A Column by John Sinclair Highest greetings from Amsterdam at the beginning of the traditional Cannabis Cup week, where for the first time since 1988 there will be no High Times Cannabis Cup in the marijuana capitol of the world and no Thanksgiving Day awards for the best weed grown in […]