When consuming cannabis and enjoying our lovely city please keep these tips in mind to prevent possible negative experiences.

* THC, one of the active ingredients in cannabis, is a mood enhancer. Make sure you are having a good day that you wish to make more intense or refrain from using cannabis products. Drug use is a personal choice and should not be influenced by another person’s opinion.

* Use caution when combining cannabis and alcohol. Smoking a joint can make your drinks feel many times stronger!

* Allow 20 minutes to two hours for a space product to start working, and if the cake is larger try eating half and wait at least an hour before consuming more cannabis.

* All cannabis users: (but especially medical users) should make sure to consume only organically grown products (no chemical nutrients or pesticides).

* Smoking joints, eating space cake or using a vaporizer will lower the amount of sugar in your
blood. This can sometimes lead to nausea, ringing ears, and sweating. If this occurs just drink some sugar water or juice, or eat something sweet (avoid caffeine). Fresh air usually helps and so does a good meal, but panicking will not!

* Regular consumers of cannabis are encouraged to take frequent breaks from their habit. Remember, smoke less and enjoy it more!

* Unfortunately someone who has consumed too many “space” products will notice no relief from sugar water, as the metabolised cannabinoids are unaffected by sugar.

When visiting coffeeshops there are certain things you can keep in mind:

* Don’t feel obliged to consume the entire amount of cannabis purchased in that same coffeeshop, as you may carry up to five grams and enjoy it at the next shop you visit, or at home.

* Not all coffeeshops are the same. Trust your instincts and if you can’t get enough information from the menu, feel free to ask for a sample to see and smell, or go elsewhere.

* The toleration of cannabis is restricted to primarily coffeeshops, meaning that smoking in public or in bars is not always permitted.
The Cannabis College Foundation is a non-profit information centre based in the heart of Amsterdam. It provides visitors from across the globe with correct, objective, and honest information regarding every aspect of the Cannabis sativa L. plant. –

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