What’s on?

Apart from a full program with national and international artists, speakers and Dj’s, there’s a large Hemp Market with cannabis and hemp related companies and organizations, fresh food and drinks and a free Cannabis Film Festival in Europe’s largest Ger tent. For the second time we are hosting the award ceremonies of the annual Highlife Cup, the oldest cannabis contest in the Netherlands.

14.00-14.05:    Opening: Derrick Bergman & DC Lama
14.05-14.35:    STOOKER & JANSEN & bellydancer Naïma
14.35-14.40:    Speaker: Mila Jansen
14.40-15.15:    Dj Neo Pro
15.15-16.05:    VAN PIEKEREN
16.05-16.10:    Speaker: Henk van Dalen
16.10-16.25:    Highlife Cup awards ceremony part 1
16.25-17.10:    Dj Skunkstar (Austria)
17.10-17.30:    Highlife Cup awards ceremony part 2
17.30-18.30:    HARRY MO & BAND (Virgin Islands)
18.30-18.35:    Speaker: Hanka Gabrielová (Czech Republic)
18.35-19.05:    Dj Neo Pro
19.05-19.30:    REAZUN
19.30-19.35:    Spreker 4: Michel Degens (Belgium)
19.35-20.35:    DEF P & BL3NDER
20.35-20.55:    Dj Skunkstar (Austria)
20.55-21.00:    Speaker: Doede de Jong (Friesland)
21.00-22.00:    ANTWERP GIPSY SKA ORCHESTRA (Belgium)