Coffeeshop FAQ

Are Marijuana and Coffeeshops legal in the Netherlands?

No. However the health department in the Netherlands already found out that Cannabis was less harmful than other ‘illegal’ substances, the government decided not to prosecute the possession of small amounts of Cannabis.

Are tourist allowed to visit Coffeeshops?

Yes, with a valid identification anybody is welcome into a coffeeshop to purchase hash or weed.

Can I also smoke outside of the Coffeeshop?

So far there is only one square in the West of Amsterdam where you are not allowed to smoke weed in public. Note that there are specific areas, such as the Red Light District, where the municipal of Amsterdam has called for ‘zero tolerance’. However, there are no signs of this been enforced.

And smoking in other places?

Although cannabis is only for sale in the coffeeshops, other establishments are free in their decision whether or not to allow cannabis-smoking.

Do Coffeeshops sell alcohol?

Early 2007 Coffeeshops that served alcohol were forced to choose between cannabis and beer.
Only a handfull of these coffeeshops decided to keep serving alcohol and become a regular bar/ cafe.

Although cannabis is only for sale in the coffeeshops, other establishments are free in their decision whether or not to allow cannabis-smoking. In other words; in Amsterdam there are enough regular cafes, bars and clubs where you can still enjoy a beer and roll a joint at the same time.

Do I HAVE to buy Weed in a Coffeeshop?

No. Howver, like any other horeca establishment you most likely have to order ‘something’. It’s also fine to smoke weed or hashish purchased somewhere else, if you order a soft drink.

Do I need a ‘pass’ to enter a Coffeeshop?

The ‘Coffeeshop Pass System’ is something which is implemented only in the south of Holland.

How do i recognize a Coffeeshop?


How many coffeeshops are there in Amsterdam?


How much Marijuana or Hash can I buy?

You are legally allowed to buy 5 grams (of either) per Coffeeshop, per day.

Assuming you don’t really need more per day. Medicinal Marijuana users are allowed to carry/ buy more. However they need a prescription and Medicinal pass. The grass in this case is bought at the pharmacy over the counter.

Is it illegal to purchase cannabis on the street?

We  do not recommend buying anything from street dealers, especially when surrounded by coffeeshops.

What are the average prices of weed and hash

The prices vary between the different shops, and of course per Weed or Hash. All prices depend on quality, and sometimes quantity. (5 gram discounts)

– Mostly Sativas range from 10 – to 18 Euro per gram
– Mostly Indicas range from 8 to 16 Euro per gram
– Hashish ranges from 6  to 35 Euro per gram

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